For 18 years, SSDP has been fighting to end cannabis prohibition, replacing stigma and fear with compassion and education. This year, thousands of us made 70,000 voter touches including 3700 conversations with young voters in Maine -- more than the margin of victory!

But this election wasn’t all good news for the cannabis movement, and could be even worse for the broader reform movement if we aren’t there to defend the progress we’ve made. SSDPers are ready to take up that challenge, just like we have been for 18 years through hostile administrations, inactive Congresses, and unfriendly state governments.

The cannabis industry, created as an alternative to the cartel-driven market, has the opportunity now to demonstrate its support for building a sensible future together. Make a gift today to demonstrate that you’re with us, and you’re prepared to defend the progress we’ve made for students, patients, and those marginalized by the War on Drugs.

Raised: $29,502.69

GOAL: $100,000.00