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Celebrate 19 years of sensible reform with a gift of $19!

On October 1, 1998, the Rochester Cannabis Coalition gathered for their regular Monday evening meeting. Their leaders had been expelled following a controversial hearing or "invited to not return" to campus that semester. They had railed against the administration and found themselves butting their heads against walls at every turn. But then one had an idea that would define our future: "Let's be for something."

Let's be for regulated cannabis. 
Let's be for student loans and grants regardless of drug convictions. 
Let's be for harm reduction and public health in response to drugs. 
Let's be for eliminating criminal penalties for people who use drugs. 
Let's be for educating young people and arming them with the tools to make smarter choices. 
Let's be for human rights, civil liberties, and justice. 
Let's be for sensible drug policies. 

It turns out that being for something really works. Nineteen years later, 5000 students are activating on 300 campuses because they are for a new approach to drugs and the people who use them. We've saved thousands of lives through adoption of Good Samaritan policies. We've supported cannabis policy reforms wherever they have happened. We've protected student access to education for countless thousands. 

So today, be for us with a gift of $19! Stand with SSDP to celebrate our 19th birthday so that next cohort of powerful leaders will have all the tools and resources they need to build a more sensible future.

With thousands of members at hundreds of chapters across the United States and the world, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is working to replace the failed and misguided war on drugs with policies that value public health, human rights, and individual liberties. Please consider supporting SSDP and the thousands of students who are becoming powerful leaders themselves. 

Contributions are tax deductible.