For many students, the expense of attending SSDP2016 is prohibitive despite our best efforts to keep costs as reasonable as possible. The registration fee, hotel accommodations, and transportation expenses are often in excess of $400 per student, even for the most budget-minded. We rely on alumni and supporter members of our network to help students attend by subsidizing a portion of the associated costs through scholarships distributed via the SSDP CAT. The SSDP CAT tracks student and chapter activity, rewarding real-world action with real-world returns such as the opportunity to attend conferences for little-to-no cost. Additionally, student tickets are substantially subsidized, making the conference more affordable for even those students who choose to purchase registration.

“Prior to this conference, I had experience solely on the ground level. I had the abilities to run our chapter’s meetings, to organize events, and to work with the people we are pioneering for. After the conference, my abilities have broadened and strengthened. I now can truly become an agent of change in fighting the War on Drugs.

Supporters can help bring more students to SSDP2016 with the gift level that is right for them:

  • Every gift of $100 subsidizes one student ticket.
  • A gift of $300 provides registration and lodging for one student.
  • A gift of $500 provides average registration, lodging, and travel expenses for one student.
  • A gift of $2000 brings a chapter of four to SSDP2016.

SSDP is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax-deductible.