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Richard Hartnell '17

Richard Hartnell wants you to support SSDP.

I went back to school after a long career as a freelance artist because I had too many questions about the nature of consciousness that I couldn't answer without an understanding of human biology. I'd followed the common threads to entheogenic drugs as an avenue of research, based on their incredible effects in clinical trials to treat anxiety and depression. However, this field of research is prohibited by an outdated drug policy from last century, originally designed to suppress progressive cultures. Thus, I have no choice but to take up the struggle to fix our country's drug policy so, among other reasons, we can move forward together in a state of better health.

My old SSDP chapter did, and still does, an incredible job of creating a culture of harm reduction on campus, preventing overdoses and pushing counterfeit street drugs off the market. They do that with heaps of support from SSDP's national crew. When you drop money in SSDP's hat, it directly supports all this work and more -- from the local to the national level. Great thanks for anything you can contribute!

Contributions are tax deductible.