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International Activities Fund - SSDP

Support the International Fund!

Ending the War on Drugs requires a global movement. Students for Sensible Drug Policy supports youth activists in more than 30 countries across the world. We recognize that the War on Drugs is a crisis that goes beyond borders, and we aim to support and empower all young people who want to change drug laws in their local community, their country, and at the United Nations. 

Outside the US, cultural differences in philanthropy, campus life, and political engagement mean that students and young people in other areas of the world do not always have access to the same resources that our members in the United States use every day. There are far fewer opportunities for fundraising due to lack of support from academic institutions, heavy stigma surrounding drug policy reform, or economic hardship, especially in those countries hardest hit by the US’ supply-reduction efforts. To ensure that our international members are able to participate in SSDP at the same level as our students in the US, SSDP is launching an International Activities Fund to bolster our ongoing investments, reducing barriers to successful organizing by offering greater financial support to our international chapters. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 over the next month to kickstart this fund. Please consider donating to the International Activities Fund today and help us support young people all over the world who understand that the War on Drugs is a war on us.

What will my donations go toward?

Your donations will support activities outside of the US and directly fund things like

  • Local Campaigns
  • Events (i.e. space rental, transportation, and meals))
  • Travel reimbursements (i.e. traveling to United Nations events to represent SSDP)
  • Print materials
  • Regional conferences
  • International SSDP conference scholarships

I’m an international student. How can students access the funds?

In order to request money from the fund, chapters may apply to the International Impact Grant, see more information here. Part of the fund will be reserved for members interested in attending the 65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna in 2022 and you can apply to receive those funds to support your travel to Vienna if you are ready to work with us at the United Nations!

I work for an organization in the area of drug policy/harm reduction, how can I engage with the local youth? Interested in partnering with SSDP International? Find our local chapters here or contact [email protected] to discuss opportunities.